Bertie Higgins was born and raised in Tarpon Springs, Florida, and while still in his teens, Bertie met and became a protégé of the actor/directors, Richard Boone and his friend, Burt Reynolds who saw Bertie’s writing potential and tutored him in screen writing. His screenwriting career would have to wait, however, as he diverted his creative abilities toward the music business. Bertie had been working on a song and that song became KEY LARGO. After being released on the CBS/SONY label, it blew a hole in the U.S. charts and when it reached number one in the nation, the world took notice and it became an international evergreen. Other hit singles followed like JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE and CASABLANCA. Casablanca became the song of the year in all of the Pacific Rim countries and when the CD reached multi-platinum status, Bertie became an international recording star literally overnight. He has appeared on all the major network talk and variety shows and was featured as an actor in THE GUIDING LIGHT as well as THE ABC MYSTERY MOVIE OF THE WEEK and starred in the feature film, OUT OF HAND. He recently performed in 2016 with Michael Bolton and Arnold Schwarzenegger during international and Chinese New Years’ on two television shows from Beijing. The performances were viewed by an audience of three billion people worldwide.[/vc_column_text]

Bertie opened an office in Burbank, California in 2010 to pursue his love of filmmaking and to work with his son, Julian Higgins, who was a film student majoring in film direction.  After writing several screenplays he decided to form a production company with Julian and they began producing their own projects.  The first film was entitled BEAST BENEATH and was released by LION’S GATE in early 2012.  The next film was entitled POKER RUN.  Bertie co-wrote the script, produced, took a role in, and supervised the music in the film.  It is being distributed domestically and internationally.  Their current film projects now completed and are entitled, THE COLOMBIAN CONNECTION, starring Tom Sizemore also in international distribution, CHRISTMAS IN HOLLYWOOD, a family film now being distributed in China and North America and STILL ROCKIN’, a documentary about the creation of Rock and Roll which is nearing completion. These are the first of many projects forthcoming from Cayo Largo Productions and the company looks forward to a bright future.  Bertie has just completed his twenty-fifth album entitled, “SON OF A BEACH” and dropped Summer of 2017. Distributed by Toucan Cove and Universal Music. Also in 2017 Bertie was knighted, inducted into the Florida Music Hall of Fame, (presented by Burt Reyolds) received the Mozart Award, the Beethoven Award, received an honorary PHD in music and holds the title of Sir Bertie Higgins, PHD.  Also in a duet with the Bellamy Brothers in 2017 he won best folk acoustic song in the International Acoustic Awards.

To be certain, it will always be just another day in paradise for Bertie Higgins and he’ll be waiting for you under the next palm tree for years to come. This pirate and poet continues to write and sing about turquoise lagoons, golden sands and islands in the sun in a style he affectionately refers to as “Trop Rock”.