“Artists International Stands For Integrity and Meeting the Needs of the Client”

After having been in the entertainment industry for over 35 years representing classic touring acts,” Artists International president Steve Green says, “I have found that creativity is a great part of the industry – not just for the artists but for the agents as well. Without creativity, there really is no focus. Artists International is an agency that thinks “out of the box” and takes a unique approach to marketing and booking.”

“I have very strong feelings about certain aspects of this business,” Steve relates. “We’re very pro-active. Any client we represent has 100 % of our attention, and any time they need us we are always available to them.”

Artist International is very instrumental in giving promoters all the assistance they can, to make a date successful. “We will provide the promoter advance product and various promotional materials.” Green states, “We will cooperate by having the act available for in-store promotions, media interviews, or whatever the promoter requires on a voluntary basis by the act. We’ll do everything possible to help that promoter sell tickets.”

Artists International’s associate partner is Mark Lyman.  Because of his extensive road experience as an award winning recording artist, Lyman says his dealings with the clients he represents goes deeper than just an agent/artist relationship. “They know I understand and totally relate to what they do.  I’ve been there, and because of that, they are very comfortable discussing any aspect of their career as well as their personal lives with me. It goes without saying that both Steve and I have built very strong bonds over the years with all our clients.”

Mark is also bilingual (French and English) and has over 25 years of experience.

Green and Lyman have been working together for nearly 3 decades and handle some of the most in demand live touring acts. “The continued popularity of classic rock is evidenced by the number of successful radio stations playing the music.” says Green. “What’s interesting is the number of young kids that are listening to this music and buying concert tickets to see classic rock artists. It’s great music and doesn’t change with any generation.”

“It also helps to have a roster of great acts that promoters/talent buyers and fans want to hear time and time again – and that we do” answers Lyman.

About Us December 10, 2013