A rarity in today’s music world, this 3 piece ROCK BAND consists of the original 3 band members:  

Randy Jackson – Lead Vocals, Lead double neck-twelve string guitar, keyboards, synthesizer, mellotron & piano.
Felix Hanemann – Bass, Strings, Keyboards, and Vocals
Guy Gelso – Drums, Percussion and vocals
Former Record Label– Atlantic
Hit Songs:  Who’s Behind the Door, Tell Me What You Want, Take Your Fingers from My Hair, The La La Song”, “Free” and “Bears” 
Even though the band got together and started making music and performing live in the mid to late 70’s, Zebra is considered an 80’s Rock Band. Supported by Atlantic Records and their die-hard fan base, Zebra’s music made its way to the Rock Station airwaves in the early to mid 1980’s. Listen below to remind you just who Zebra is and how much you loved their music.

With a loyal fan base that spans 45 years, the fans take every opportunity to plan specials trips to see the band where ever they go. 

This band is professional in every aspect of the word.  They are a 3 piece band that sounds like a 4/5 piece.  Playing together for 45 years, you get an expert delivery of every song at every show. See video of LIVE PERFORMANCE